About car repair shop

The assurance of having a perfect service!

Even in your vehicle assistance is committed to the entire group-wide Mektrin Motors. For you full reliability, efficiency and quick service! 15 expert machine-shop, we feature 5 bridges, 25 services performed per day and 15,000 services performed per year! And above all that ekperiences update our Experts in!

Strict and Secure!

Maximum efficiency at every stage: Entrepreneurship, Localization and problem solving, intervention and submission. To give you and the vehicle in perfect condition rapidly.

Costs under control!

Each estimate is printed on front localization and resolution of the problem of your METI, and repair undertaken with your consent. In this way you will know exactly how to spend.

Servicing profitable!

To remove any thoughts you void and to provide you with convenience for your vehicle. Mektrin Motors reserves the right to discount for its clients to favored and offers exclusive services.

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About Mektrin

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Address & Contacts

Address: Highway Durres-Tirane, KM 6.
2000. Durres, Albania
+355 69 7050800
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